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Elephant Activity Book Published by AHS



CONTACT: Roseann Trezza, Executive Director
May 25, 2007

Honors Sonny; Teaches Children About Animal Cruelty

This time of year, boys and girls of all ages love when the circus is in town. The pageantry, the thrills, and oftentimes those trained animal acts…especially the elephants.

But when the acts are over, when the clown’s greasepaint is removed, when the brightly colored Big Top has been taken down, the life of a circus elephant is one of abuse, cruelty and neglect.

Associated Humane Societies, in cooperation with the Elephant Alliance has published a coloring book that shows children the cruelty and neglect behind the lives of circus elephants and gives kids lots of ideas on how they can help these gentle giants. Meant to be Free… The Sad Story of the Circus Elephant tells the tale of a young elephant, ripped from its family in a foreign land to become a trained a circus elephant.

The book also tells the true story of Sonny, an elephant who was shipped from zoo to zoo after being taken from his family in Zimbabwe. Sonny eventually found a happy home at the Popcorn Park Zoo, where he was loved and cared for like family, until his death in 2001. The message Sonny left, and is conveyed in this coloring book, is one of love and respect for all living beings.

“Children’s compassion, especially for animals more often than not far exceeds that of their parents. Well meaning moms and dads take their kids to the circus, thinking they will love it. But if they understood the abuse these performing animals go through, most of those children would rather spend time with their families at an animal-friendly event,” said Roseann Trezza, Executive Director of the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park Zoo. “Our goal with this coloring book is to help children understand and decide if they really want to see that circus after all.” 

Written in an easy-to-read, age-appropriate format, this 20-page coloring book will provide school-aged children with fun pictures to color, facts to learn about elephants and actions to take to stop elephant abuse.

A portion of the book was written with The Elephant Alliance, an internationally recognized organization that endeavors to improve the plight of the elephants in captivity through education and legislation. We are working to establish a permanent sanctuary where abused and unwanted elephants can live, unchained and free. Many people are unaware that captive elephants in America need help and are suffering as much, or even more, than their counterparts in Africa.

Single copies of the coloring book are $3 each. Schools and organizations that buy the book in quantities will be charged $2 for each book. All proceeds of Meant to Be Free will help fund the many activities and programs sponsored and operated by Associated Humane Societies.

Animal lovers are invited to “adopt” a school, class or children’s organization and purchase a supply coloring books for them.

You can order copies of The Sad Story of a Circus Elephant right here online! Click here and order your copy or copies at $3.00 for each book. If you wish to order in larger quantities for a school or class, please contact us directly.


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