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Adopt A Cat in June - A Purr-fect Idea!

Some 75 million cats in the United States have the perfect homes, owners that love and protect them, lives that are truly worth living. Unfortunately, another 70 million or so are homeless, living their lives in the wilds of the cities, countrysides and woods, breeding new litters of kittens without homes as well.

Murdock came to us in October 2006, with an infection that caused his eyelids to invert inward.  He had surgery to correct the problem and he is waiting for a forever home. He is less than 2 years old, very sweet, and loves to give kisses and hugs.

And this is the time of year when hundreds of litters of homeless kittens are brought into animal shelters throughout the nation, the majority of them never finding a loving home or a caring owner. Itís why Associated Humane Societies is joining with the American Humane Association to recognize June as Adopt-A-Cat Month.

The spring and summer months are the time when we see the most kittens coming into our shelters. These are beautiful, adoring little babies who need good homes, and unfortunately may never get that experience. Itís why we take advantage this month to remind people about the millions of cats and kittens looking to be adopted. Taking a cat companion has so many benefits for both the cat and the human.

Winnie, at left, was found as a stray in December 2006. She is very sweet, litter-box trained and between 2-3 years old. She, too, is waiting for a loving home.

Among the many benefits to adopting a kitten or cat from the AHS includes a 10 day medical guarantee, free collar, i.d. tag, NEW Home Again microchip, a 4-pound. bag of Hill's Kitten or Cat food, and a DVD on Your Adopted Cat.

Studies show that pet ownership has positive health benefits for humans. Petting and holding cats have an immediate effect in lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and some studies show that pet owners actually live longer lives.

Adopt-A-Cat Month is also a perfect time to remind pet owners of the importance of spaying and neutering. Statistics show that one unspayed cat, her mate and their offspring, producing two litters a year with less than three cats surviving in each litter can give birth to nearly 12 million kittens in nine years! When possible, cats should be spayed and neutered when they are still young kittens, before they have had a chance to mate. All cats and kittens at any of the Associated Humane Societiesí shelters here, Tinton Falls or Newark, have either already been spayed or neutered or must be upon adoption.

Shadow, at right, came to us in August 2006 after the owner developed allergies. He is about 3-1/2 years old, litterbox trained, and although he is a little bit shy, he's also sweet and loving.

There are hundreds of cats, kittens and other animals available for adoption at the AHS shelters. Check them out before meeting them in person by logging onto the AHS page on Petfinder.

For those who cannot personally take in a pet, we offer one of the best ways around to love the kitty you cannot have - sponsor one on our Share-A-Pet program! Help support a feline with a touching story, and come visit, too!


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