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Get to Know Pixie the Tufted Capuchin

Pixie is similar to many other animals in Popcorn Park in that she was once someonešs pet, but she is unique in her high degree of socialization. She was purchased as a baby by a couple in Pennsylvania, where, unfortunately, the laws are very liberal pertaining to exotic pet ownership. Everything went well, and Pixie was much loved and well-behaved. As she entered her late teens, however, she started exhibiting new behaviors which indicated her desire to dominate the wife. This escalated to her attacking her on two occasions.

Because the situation was becoming very dangerous, the couple asked if we might be able to accept Pixie, which we did. The couple still love her very much, and visit her regularly, bringing her the treats and little special things Pixie always loved.

Pixie is now 23 years old, and was brought to us two years ago. She can be expected to live into her thirties.  Tufted Capuchins come from South America, where they live in the rainforest, spending much of their time in the canopy, eating and playing. They generally weigh about 10 -15 pounds, and stand 18"-20" tall when on their hind legs.  As compared to our two white-faced capuchins, Buster and Kay Leigh, tufteds tend to be less stocky, plus, of course, they have a tufted "cap" on their head.  They are omnivores, eating fruits, vegetables, insects and whatever else they can find that is available in season. With us, Pixie gets her breakfast of Cheerios and later gets fed a balanced mix of specially formulated primate biscuits, apple, orange, melon, grapes and corn. Fruits may vary according to season here as well.

Because of her `human' upbringing, Pixie has a broad vocabulary, and is quite able to express herself and her needs clearly.  She has always enjoyed opening mail, and particularly enjoys photographs. Her owners bring these on their regular visits. She also has very nice manners, and if offered something by our zoo director that she doesnšt want, politely gives it back to him. When she is done drinking her juice, she gives him back her juice cup.  She is very social and enjoys just about everyone. Whether you can come meet Pixie in person or not, please consider sponsoring her care through the Wildlife Club.

We are often asked if therešs something a particular animal may enjoy that a sponsor/zoo visitor may bring or send. Pixie, (as well as our other monkeys), enjoy indestructible toys, (because they will get thrown around!), such as those very simple toys made for 2-3 year olds. These items are usually brightly colored, very hard plastic. There can be no small parts that can break off or swallowed. An example is a toy with big shaped holes and large plastic shapes that can fit in them.  If you would like to donate a toy for Pixie or her friends, but are not sure as to its appropriateness, you can e-mail our zoo director, John Bergmann at: <njhumane@aol.com>


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