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Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving for Your Pet

Thanksgiving is a special time for celebration, but not necessarily one that's good for your pet. Here are some tips to insure Thanksgiving is happy for ALL family members!

• Pet food only, please – With a table full of meats, gravy, and side dishes, it’s so tempting to invite all family members to join in the feast – including your cats and dogs. But, this food can be too rich and unhealthy or even fatal. Poultry bones are small and can easily splinter, causing choking and digestive problems. Remember to remind guests not to serve your pets, either. Give your dog or cat a few extra pets-only treats to celebrate the day.

• Keep after-dinner foods secured – If the smell of a cooked turkey is wonderful to us, just imagine what that scent does to your dog or cat. Don’t depend on table manners. Make sure your pets stay away from the garbage and leftovers by securing them immediately after they leave the banquet table.

• Keep pets away from the party – If you’re having a number of guests, consider putting your pets in a separate room with some toys, water and a comfortable place to lie. They’ll be thankful to have the peace and quiet, and will be less likely to sneak out the door when guests enter or leave.

• Be a blessing to an unwanted animal -- Consider adopting a dog or cat. There are hundreds of dogs and cats waiting for adoption at the Associated Humane Societies’ four shelters in Forked River, Tinton Falls, Union and Newark. To find just the right one for you, come visit the AHS shelter nearest you, or visit them on

Read more about Thanksgiving and how YOU can have a healthy one, too!



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