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Not Every Child Should Have A Pet

Some people believe that every child should have a pet.  We asked ... was that true? Read the facts and one dog's story and decide, but be sure to read the ending of her tale.

EVERY BOY SHOULD HAVE A PUP.....but the Associated Humane Societies doesn't agree with that. Over the past several weeks, the Society has seen or handled a number of animals that were abused by children under 7 years of age. We use this knowledge in our efforts to find safe, loving and lasting homes. Animal abuse has been linked to violence perpetrated by juveniles and adults. Remember - not every animal abuser will be a serial killer, but every serial killer has been an animal abuser.

Lola was given up for euthanasia because one of the family's children bashed the foot with a broom handle. Lola was treated in our Medical Dept.and was recovering nicely awaiting adoption with someone who would give her a lifetime commitment.


AND NOW THE GOOD NEWS .....we're happy to report that Lola's dream for a new home for Christmas has just been fulfilled - and she will be treated like a princess by several adults who will lavish her with love and attention.

Christie Peranteau of Levittown, NJ (left), recently lost her beloved Mini Pin Mercedes to kidney failure. While she knows she could never replace Mercedes, Christie wanted to offer a safe and loving home to Lola. Christie stated that she loves her pets like children, and that's why she hasn't taken a vacation in 5 years! Little Lola has gone from a home where she was abused to a home where she will be truly cherished forever, and the news just doesn't get any better than that!



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