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October is National Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month

OCTOBER IS A GREAT TIME TO ADOPT A NEW BEST FRIEND -- they protect their loved ones, are known to enhance the health of their owners, and truly are a manís, womanís or childís best friend. And millions of them need homes.

Each year, some 7 million dogs, about 30 percent of them purebreds, end up in animal shelters, either stray, abandoned or brought in by their owners.  Because most will never have a real home with someone to love and care for them again, AHS is among the animal welfare organizations taking part in National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month in a special effort to find them homes and bring about public awareness.

`Itís heartbreaking to see the number of dogs that make their way into our shelters,' said Roseann Trezza, Executive Director of the AHS/Popcorn Park Zoo. `Each of these animals has so much to give, yet their demands are few Ė a scratch on the head, a romp outside, food, shelter, health care and some hugs.'

Max and Trixie (above), purebred Old English sheepdogs, are about eight years old, have been together all their life and need to be adopted together. The are now at the Forked River shelter hoping for a new loving home.

The health benefits of pet ownership have been long established. Statistics show dog owners on average have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, fewer bouts of depression and often exercise more than average. Children who have dogs generally have higher self-esteem and better social skills.

When you adopt a dog at an AHS shelter during October, your new family member will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They will also receive a leash, collar and identification tag, small bag of Hillís pet food and free dog bones. All pets have a 10-day medical guarantee.

Buddy, a three-year-old Beagle, was adopted and returned due to the fact that he has separation anxiety. So, he needs someone who is at home most of the time. He likes other dogs and is very sweet with people.

There are hundreds of dogs, puppies and other animals available for adoption at the Society shelters. Have you been thinking of taking a new, devoted friend into your family?  October is the perfect time! You can check out just some of them before meeting them in person by logging onto the AHS page on www.petfinder.com.

However, owning a dog is not for everyone. And for you, there's a very special way to `adopt' a dog this month  - join our Share-A-Pet program and help support a needy dog through your sponsorship - you can come walk your sponsored dog, bring him treats, and brighten his or her day! Take a look at our wonderful Share-A-Pet pups if you can't adopt.


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