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Princess - Our Football-Picking Camel!

Princess Finishes Up the Season A Winner!

Princess predicted the Colts to win, and win they did. So she finishes up her football season with the biggest win of all to crown her achievements. Does she have her eye on the next season yet? She's mulling over her picks, the stats and all things football while munching on a few graham crackers. Our prediction? She'll be back in top form!

Just arriving at this page? Our Princess the camel has expanded her many talents and now is doing weekly NFL football picks for one of the Zoo’s proud sponsors, radio station The Hawk at 107.5 FM! Her season record is a respectable 54%, but earlier in the season she was 70% in her first ten games.

Here’s how she  works - each week one of the radio shows hosts comes out to Popcorn Park and writes the names of two teams that are playing each other that week on the palm of their hands.  They put a graham cracker, Princess’ very favorite treat, on top of each palm and let Princess pick one. She only picks one game a week (but for the playoffs she has made an exception). Whichever cracker she chooses first indicates the team she has picked to win. 

With Princess' last picks, she's finished 13 for 24 - in the photo, she felt some teams were really letting her down. Better give this one more mulling over.

By the way - did we mention that your favorite new sports celebrity can be sponsored through our Wildlife Club?  Doesn't cost much, and for all her hard work, you could keep Princess happily stocked with graham crackers - check it out!

Check here weekly for Princess' astounding sports insight. We’ll be posting her picks as soon as she's made them. 

You can also join the Hawk’s football pool on their Princess the Football Picking Camel page, if you’d like to bank on her unusual ability!

Super Bowl XLI – The Bears vs. the Colts
Check to see who she picked!! or watch MyFox video.

Her stats so far:
Week 1 – no picks
Week 2 – Giants over Eagles (correct!)
Week 3 - Jets over the Bills (correct!)
Week 4 - Eagles over the Packers (correct!)
Week 5 - Giants over the Redskins (correct!)
Week 6 - Saints over the Eagles (correct again!)
Week 7 - Cowboys over the Giants (wrong)
Week 8 - Jets over Browns (wrong)
Week 9 - Giants over Houston (correct)
Week 10 - Giants over the Bears (wrong)
Week 11 - Bears over the Jets (correct)
Week 12 - Giants over the Titans (wrong)
Week 13 - Giants over the Cowboys (wrong)
Week14 - Jets over the Bills (wrong)
Week 15 - Giants over the Eagles (wrong)
Week 16 - Eagles over the Cowboys (correct)
Week 17 - Jets over Oakland (correct!)
Playoffs Week 1 - Eagles over Giants (correct) and Jets over Patriots (wrong)
Playoffs Week 2 - Colts over Ravens (correct) and Patriots over Chargers (correct); Seahawks over Bears (wrong) and Eagles over Saints (wrong)
Conference Championship Games - Patriots over the Colts (wrong) and Saints over the Bears (wrong)
Super Bowl XLI - Colts over the Bears - (Correct!)

p.s. Princess has become quite the media darling - check out her appearances on TV and in the papers - she's had a video interview with the Asbury Park Press and also appeared on TV on Fox News!


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