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AHS To Hold Microchip Clinics in September


As part of National Disaster Preparedness Month this September, the Associated Humane Societies urges pet owners to make sure their furry family members are part of their emergency plans.

Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, pet owners often lose or lose track of their animal companions. So, AHS is opening its microchip program to area pet owners who want to be able to track down and find their pets if they are ever lost.

The microchip clinics will be held at the Forked River, Newark and Tinton Falls shelters on the following dates:

* Monday, September 18 - Tinton Falls Shelter at 2960 Shafto Road 
Wednesday, September 20 - Popcorn Park Animal Clinic at the Forked River Shelter, West Lacey Road
* Friday, September 22 - Newark Animal Clinic at the Newark Shelter, 124 Evergreen Ave.

For $30, AHS veterinarians will insert a small microchip, about the size of a piece of rice, under the dog or cat’s skin. This chip contains identification information that can be retrieved by most veterinarians and animal health care professionals with a computer device, similar to a cash register scanner.

The pet owner must fill out and return all necessary forms to HOME AGAIN for an additional cost. They will then have peace of mind that their pet is protected.

“This is relatively new technology is helping thousands of pet owners find their missing animals around the nation. It is fast becoming as important as a pet identification tag or license,” said AHS/Popcorn Park Zoo Executive Director Roseann Trezza. “We have been inserting microchips in all of the cats and dogs that are adopted in our shelters. But because of its importance and because it is a terrific way to help prepare pets for emergencies, we want to open this service to everyone on September 20.”

Ms. Trezza warned that this microchip should not be the only way that pet owners prepare for disasters, which can range from household emergencies like a fire or flood to natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

As part of a pet emergency preparedness plan, owners should:

*Keep carriers and leashes by the exit in case evacuation is required
* Aside from having pets microchipped, make sure they wear a license and/or identification tag
* Designate two family meeting places in case family members are evacuated from their house, school or workplace
* Keep an updated supply kit that includes pet supplies

The U. S. Department of Homeland Security has 30 tips for Emergency Preparedness, available at its website Included are tips on what to include in emergency supply kits.

Pet owners can also take advantage of the microchip clinic to update immunizations and tests for their cats and dogs for a fee. Complimentary nail clipping will also be offered.


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