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Festus Enjoys His New, Happy Home!

Five years ago, we rescued Festus, a puppy with a truncated leg. We had the surgery done to remove the leg and he was soon after adopted by Domenick Scudera of PA. (See photos below.) Domenick recently sent us a video featured on Philadelphia's Channel 10 where Festus was doing therapy work at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Take a look.

One of the greatest rewards for staff are follow-up photos and letters from those people who've adopted Society animals. This applies to all our alumni, but especially those who have spent every day with staff where we watch their progress and get to know them well. Festus was recently adopted by Domenick Scudera of PA, who sent photos and let us know how great he is doing ...

`Attached are some photos of Festus at home. He is doing well and he has fit in very quickly. He is very sweet and loving and follows me around everywhere. He gets tired easily; I think that exercising really takes a lot out of him. He needs to build up his muscles more so that he can maneuver better when walking up or down a hill. He has figured out how to climb stairs, although he cannot go down them. He has also figured out how to climb onto the couches and he loves to lounge around on top of the cushions.

The other dogs in the pictures are Fifi (the little poodle) and Mabel Rose (terrier). They are all getting along well. Festus tends to follow Mabel around and seems to be taking his cues off her when going for a walk and going to the bathroom. He chases Fifi around the backyard when she gets excited.

Thanks again for this wonderful dog' --Domenick

And the staff says ... Thank YOU, Domenick!



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