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Dumped at Our Door, Oliver Now Loved in Oakland, NJ

We first met this tiger striped cat, now named Oliver, on our front doorstep in Newark - he'd been abandoned there in a cardboard box, no note, no tags - simply unwanted. Luckily for him, he had been loved enough that his owner brought him to our door instead of leaving him to fend for himself on the city streets.

Not long after his arrival, a caring soul named Marie came into the shelter. She noticed Oliver curled tight into a ball - even his tail was curled tightly. Marie reached her hand into his cage, and in just a moment he let Marie touch him, then put his head into her hand, then his shoulders, then his whole body! Marie felt he'd be adopted quickly.

One week later, she came down from Oakland again, only to find Oliver still here, and curled back into his tight little ball all over again. Marie had already fallen in love with the little sweetheart, so adopted him on the spot and took him home, where, she reports, he has behaved as a `normal, happy boy since day one.'

In a follow-up note, Marie points out what we at animal shelters already know - shelters are loud, frightening, scary places for pets, especially those who have known nothing but a loving home. Many people want an instantly `perfect' pet, but if looking in a shelter, potential owners need to know that many of the cats and dogs they meet have been traumatized by separation from their home and loved ones.

Luckily for Oliver, Marie was way ahead of the game, and you can see how healthy and happy this once frightened boy is in his Christmas photo. He is surrounded by one of his favorite playthings - lots and lots of little crumpled up paper balls. From being abandoned on a city shelter doorstep to a loving home in Oakland, this is the kind of happy ending we love. Thanks, Marie!



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