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Urgent Warning! Diamond Pet Food Contamination

NJ Dept of Agriculture is Urging Pet Owners to Watch for Illness after Dog and Cat Food Contamination

Diamond Pet Food has removed its dog and cat food from sale after a dangerous toxin was found in a product manufactured in Diamond's Gaston, SC plant. This plant supplies food in the states of New Jersey, as well as NY, PA, DE, MD and some other East Coast states.

Since Dec. 13, there have been reports, primarily in Rochester, NY, of fourteen dogs who became ill after eating Diamond food, six of whom have died so far. Owners are advised to call their veterinarian right away if their pet shows any of the following symptoms: sluggishness or lethargy combined with a reluctance to eat, yellowish tint to eyes and/or gums, and severe or bloody diarrhea.

Testing by NY officials confirmed aflatoxicosis as the probable cause of three of the animals. This results from the ingestion of aflatoxins, a naturally occuring chemical produced by the growth of fungus in certain food and feed. At least one sample of the Diamond Pet Foods from the homes of the affected dogs revealed toxin levels two and a half the acceptable level for dogs.

The following products are removed from sale, and should cease being fed to dogs and cats at this time:Diamond Low Fat Dog Food; Diamond Hi-Energy Dog Food; Diamond Maintenance Dog Food; Diamiond Performance Dog Food; Diamond Premium Adult Dog Food; Diamond Puppy Food; Diamond Maintenance Cat Food; Diamond Professional Catf Food; Country Value Puppy; Country Value Adult Dog; Country Vaue High Energy Dog; Country Value Adult Cat Food; Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat Food; Canine Club Adult Dog Food; Professional Chicken & Rice Senior Dog Food; Professional Reduced Fat Chicken & Rice Dog Food; Professional Adult Dg Food; Professional Large Puppy Food; Professional Puppy Food; Professional Reduced Fat Cat Food; Professional Adult Cat Food.

For more information in New Jersey; please call the Division of Animal Health, New Jersey Dept. of Agriculture at (609) 292-3965.



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