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A Rough Start for Larry Who Lived in the Light of Love

Once upon a time long ago, there was a rather unfortunate pup ... actually, there were two of them. A fluffy Shepherd mix female dog and a smaller male of perhaps a Shepherd/Beagle blend found themselves stuck in a ditch in Newark, unable to get themselves out. Our staff went out on this animal rescue, and brought the terribly thin pair back to our shelter. Clearly, they had been eking out a life on the street, and not doing very well at it.

We named the pair Liz and Larry after the two famous lovers, hoping they would find a home together. But Liz got lucky, and went into a home quite quickly. And little Larry waited. And waited. With seemingly few prospects on the horizon, we added Larry to the Share-A-Pet program, where he appealed to many sponsors, but nary a home.  We then featured his sweet face in our calendar, and although a few inquired, Larry stayed with us, and that was fine, too.

But then Larry's luck turned ... Holly Bianchi of Leonardo, NJ was touched by this loving little guy, and at last ... in August of 2000, Larry found a home ... after waiting nine years! There were the usual adjustments, but all was taken in stride, and Larry was very much loved. Holly later took in a stray cat she named Yardley, and adopted a kitty from the Society in October, 2004 whom she named Hope.

In July 2005, Holly took this photo, calling the threesome her `Earth Angels of Summertime'. It wasn't but four months later, just after Thanksgiving, that Larry passed on due to kidney failure. He was no longer an Earth Angel, but an angel nonetheless, who from an impoverished beginning, had become rich in his loving life with Holly.



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