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Pair Rescued from Lifetime of Loneliness in NY Backyard

In early October, the Society was one of countless recipients of an urgent e-mail to rescue `two loving boys out of hell' by a neighbor of a Bedford-Stuyvesant resident who allowed these animals to languish in a Brooklyn, N. Y. backyard.  Melissa Prezioso of Brooklyn went to see them & the following is an excerpt of her plea that went out over the internet: 

`I am writing with the high hopes that you will be able to help me help two beautiful loving dogs who are being forced to live a life of neglect and abuse.  I had the pleasure of meeting these 2 boys today after reading a heartfelt plea from a neighbor of these dogs trying to find them new homes. Fenster is a gorgeous chocolate lab/pit mix. He rolls over to show his belly to any human that approaches him. All he wants is some love. Fenster has basically dug a hole about 2.5 feet wide & 8' deep where his leash ends, desperately trying to break free. He is not allowed in the house, no matter what the weather. Zach, his companion, is an old gentle Rottweiler. He has gooky eyes & crusty ears.  He sits and waits to be petted. He is just about the sweetest dog I ever met.

`I brought the boys a blanket, some treat bones & some big chewy real bones to help them occupy their empty days. There is debris all over the backyard, they had no water. When we gave them water, they sucked it down eagerly. There is a dog house in the backyard that is big enough for one of them. I even found a dog molar in the dirt. Please help me. No dog deserves to live like this. Please, please help'.

We inquired as to whether there were any responders to the e-mail. There were none that would take the dogs and so, the Associated Humane Societies could not turn their backs on two dogs that had no future and lived a dismal existence.

A new, wonderful life in a loving, caring home is what we wished for Fenster and Zach. They are unspoiled, appreciative for any kindness shown to them.  If you’d like to help our efforts to help more needy animals like Fenster and Zach, please donate to our ResQ Fund.

In order to better understand our new additions, we contacted animal communicator Colleen Nicholson of Animal Wellness to give us some background and received the following:

`First these guys feel wonderful.  Fenster seems to be a funny guy despite being submissive from abuse.  He's not so sure about people talking to him much as that doesn't seem to be a part of his experience, but he is very nervous about yelling.  If it is near him, he does not know what to do.

`(My only worry is that in such a situation, he may fear bite as he has been clobbered by the 'ugly fat smelly man' before. I'm telling him I'm very sorry about that and he does not need to worry about that anymore.)

`Fenster has a problem with his stomach and I think that parasites are the problem.  He tells me he got very sick one time from drinking rain water, but he feels better now.  The kind of food he has eaten seems to be mostly human food.  He likes it ... like dried up pizza slices.  His feet are sore from digging and sometimes his shoulders hurt.

`(I'm asking him if he likes children but he doesn't seem to know what that really means.) There have been young people who tease him but also one young girl who he knew when he was a puppy who he loved very much.  He hasn't seen her in years.  He says he is 4-5.

`Zach is a lovely guy who doesn1t seem to have any vices. `I got tired of crying,' (on the inside) he tells me when I ask him how he is. `No one ever listened to me' . 

`He doesn't feel good to me physically.  It's an all over feeling, depression and tiredness.  He tells me he is 10-12 and it could be he merely feels this old.  He doesn't have much to say but he feels like the kind of guy who doesn't feel he's worth much as humans have rarely showed him affection.  He is very soft-hearted & instead of getting upset at someone yelling at him, he tells me he turns them off.  So this guy walls up his emotions.  I'm telling him people are looking for some very special people for him to live with.  I'm asking if that is alright.  He doesn't seem to believe it will happen ­ it's hard to believe but he is very interested in all the things going on. The flurry of activity is kind of nice yet very tiring'.

After Society veterinarians did a medical work-up, sadly, Zack had several problems ­ and it was a dereliction of his lousy caretaker that this dog lived a pain-filled existence.  Because of his age, weight, the ailments had become progressively worse  ... and there was no hope for Zack.  He had entropian eyelids, prostate cancer, a huge tumor underneath his front leg, ruptured cruciets on his rear legs and the hip sockets were so badly decaying, the bone was crumbling. As soon as Zack came through our doors, he was put on pain killers until the medical evaluation was completed.  As she requested, Melissa Prezioso, his rescuer, was by his side and held Zack as he was euthanized.  He now runs free without pain in a better place than he ever knew here on earth.

Update:  Fenster was adopted into a wonderful home!! See related story here.


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