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AHS Contributes to Katrina Rescue Efforts

Matthew Stanton

Matthew Stanton
MBI Gluckshaw
(908) 281-1445


At 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 7, 2005, over 1,000 pounds of dog food, cat food, rabbit food, hamster food and bird food, along with hundreds of T-Shirts left New Jersey destined to the Louisiana/Mississippi area to support animal victims of Hurricane Katrina. The supplies, donated by the Associated Humane Societies (AHS) of Newark, are part of a transport effort aboard trucks graciously provided by Davešs Appliances of Beach Haven, New Jersey. AHS will be transporting over two thousand pounds of pet food to support the relief effort early next week.

 "As an organization committed to the welfare of animals, this is the least we can do," said Roseann Trezza, Executive Director, AHS. "Thanks to generous donations, thanks to our dedicated employees and the gracious assistance of Davešs Appliances of Beach Haven, NJ, we were able to send an initial shipment of 1,000 pounds of pet food and hundreds of T-Shirts to the area. Sometime next week, we will be sending a 53 foot trailer with over a ton of pet food to assist in the relief effort as well."

According to Trezza, AHS has created a new web-link ­ www.ahscares.org ­ dedicated purely to the support the relief effort. The website contains information about what supplies are needed, helpful links, news and information about where donations can be sent to assist the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina

Trezza added, "As we experienced with September 11, there is a ripple effect following massive disasters. Pet owners and rescue operations that were forced to relocate due to Hurricane Katrina will need a great deal of assistance over the coming weeks and maybe months as they transport these animals northward. We are here to assist in that effort and will do everything we possibly can to help."


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