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How Our Res-Q Fund Helped Joanie and Jetta - Charity Challenge


Do you ever wonder about what that panting pooch or purring pal that's laying next to you right now went through before coming into your life? All of our AHS/Popcorn Park pets have stories, but some have stories of abuse, neglect, abandonment, injury, you name it, we see it. Not only do we see it, but we treat it too.

So many of you adopt pet from our Associated Humane Societies facilities and we can't thank you enough for giving shelter pets a chance. You pay your minimal adoption fee, and take care of them and love them forever, as they become members of your family. They are members of the AHS family before that though, and many need specialized medical care due to the extraordinary circumstances from which they came from. Joanie and Jetta are those kinds of pets.

Joanie and Jetta were two lost girls on the city streets of Hillside, NJ, back in October, 2017. The pair were absolutely, positively inseparable and when Joanie was hit by a car, Jetta would not leave her side until help arrived. Joanie needed immediate medical treatment at a veterinary hospital in Fairfield, NJ, where she was treated for a broken pelvis and other injuries.

Check out our YouTube video, "Joanie & Jetta Tell Their Story for the Charity Challenge"

Joanie and Jetta graced us with their presence for many months as they recovered in peace and quiet in our Vinnie Van Gogh Recovery Suite. Not only did Joanie need bed-rest and medications for her injuries, but both Joanie and Jetta were treated for several conditions including upper respiratory infections, parasites, malnourishment, and unfortunately, heartworm. All of these treatments, combined with Joanie's hospital stay, ran medical bills into the thousands of dollars. Once again, we relied on the generosity of our supporters who contribute to our Res-Q Fund.

We are asking for your help in the Ocean First Charity Challenge again this year to raise funds for our Res-Q Fund because without it, where would animals in need like Joanie and Jetta be today? At AHS/Popcorn Park, we don't hesitate to do whatever is necessary to help an animal. We do not raise an adoption fee for an animal that has received thousands of dollars worth of medical care like Joanie and Jetta did. As a matter of fact, Joanie and Jetta's adoption fee was just $200.00. You, yourself, may have adopted a pet that received specialized care too. Please consider giving back, by donating in the Charity Challenge. . You can also donate whatever amount in person at AHS/Popcorn Park, 1 Humane Way, Forked River, NJ 08731, or send your check to us too, Attn: Charity Challenge.

Thank you, as always, for your support!


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