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Humane News - April 2018

Ready for lots of great news about animals? You'll find it all in the April 2018 issue of the Humane News, Volume 49, No.2!

There's plenty of good news for animals - decisions around the globe making a difference for animals - saving lives and changing minds. Of course, there are also many areas needing improvement, and you can read about them - and how you can often make a difference - on our "Animals in the News" section. You can also make a difference locally in attending our events, helping baby wildlife, volunteering, and so much more - all in Society News.

And rescues? We've got plenty of them - saving the lives of animals who truly would not have made it without us. We are fighting cruelty in as many ways as we know how - read about our wonderful rescues, and then read about the heartwarming happy endings we've found for our lucky orphans. And ... check out the two page spread that shows in pictures how much AHS/Popcorn Park does for ALL animals!

Download the April 2018 issue here!

As the weather warms up and many are starting to think about how great it would be to take a new dog for a walk or adopt a needy cat, you can check our adoption pages as well as our Share-A-Pet page; they do need sponsors, but would also love a lifelong home with you! In the Wildlife Club we have a new fox, Tippy, who would love some sponsors as well as some of our longer time residents who'd love to send you a photo and update. And news - so much news!! Please download our latest issue and enjoy it all!.

Do you appreciate all we do? Please let us know and support our efforts with a small donation. You really make a difference!


Humane News - June 2018

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