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Orphaned Baby Goat Finds New Life at Popcorn Park

One of our veterinarians was working at another zoo giving vaccinations to all the hoofstock back in late March. Someone brought to his attention that one of the many young or just-born kids was crying and seemed to be searching for her mom with no luck. There were so many goats giving birth around this time, it was pretty hard for the staff to find her mom and reunite the. It seemed as though she may have been a first time mom and just abandoned her kid.

Our veterinarian mentioned he was going to Popcorn Park the next day and if mom had abandoned the little one he would see what he could do. A couple hours later he was done with the work there; as he was getting into his truck to go home he saw a little carrier on his front seat with a bag of goat milk replacer, then he heard that little baa …. baaa.

So, the little orphan was now on her way to Popcorn Park after a short detour to our veterinarians home for a few days. Now given the name Callie she had a ball plying with the dogs, Mush and Leon, and 6-year-old Lincoln (a child).

A couple days later, Callie was at Popcorn Park by day and home at night with some other new friends at our director’s home -- Callie was pretty popular. She met up with Meatball and Olive and quickly became the center of attention. When they weren’t following her she was following and jumping all over them. They loved it and so did so she, especially when she found Meatball lying down. She would climb all over him or use him as a springboard to jump up higher, like onto the couch. She would wait by the back door to go out into the yard to go to do her business with them too. Only when she was having too much fun playing would she not want to go outside.

While at work during the day she became fast friends with Cupcake and Mickey. Mickey being Mickey was a bit jealous, but Cupcake's instincts kicked in and she would herd Callie all over the barn. As time went on Callie stayed with Cupcake and Mickey overnight too.

She thinks she owns the barn and rules over everything there now, jumping up onto every counter or desk and just generally creating havoc no matter where the staff is trying to work -- whether or not they're working on another animal, making all the other animals' food dishes up, or filling water buckets.

The last couple weeks she has been spending some of her day out with Peggy the potbelly pig and enjoying all the different tastes of grasses and weeds in the yard. She’s getting better every day, it seems.

You can help support Callie by sponsoring her in the Wildlife Club.


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