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Potbellied Pigs - One Shot with Arrow - Rescued

A couple of months ago we received some calls about abandoned potbellied pigs in Browns Mills. The callers said that a neighbor had moved and left her pigs behind and running loose, saying she would be back for them, but never came. Because the pigs weren't seen around the home all the time we said if they were to be seen, to call us and we would send staff out to help catch them.

Calls to Animal Control and police in the area were fruitless, and then the owner finally returned after numerous calls to her about leaving the pigs. Upon returning she told her neighbors that she found a sanctuary for the pigs. The owner caught them up (pretty easily because they know and trusted her) and left. About a week later two pigs fitting their description were seen running loose in and around Whitesbog Park. They were having fun eating cranberries from the farm and corn and other goodies the hunters were baiting deer with. That was until someone shot the little male, the target arrow going through his left forearm luckily missing the bone and an artery.

A concerned bow hunter saw the injured pig and wanted to help, and he called us. He put out food and fed both pigs for a couple of days. The last time he saw them he saw the broken arrow still lodged in the little guy's leg. For their safety and the safety of next year's cranberry and blueberry crop, they needed to be caught up as soon as possible.

Park Rangers and NJDEP called in USDA Wildlife Services to trap these poor little guys. They asked if we would take them in when caught and provide shelter, care, veterinary attention, and testing (needed before they could be put in, with, or around other animals because they were "feral" for a couple weeks). They caught the little male, Cranberry, on a Friday, and then the female, Blueberry, on the following Tuesday. They really missed each other for the days they were apart as they couldnít get enough of one another when they were reunited.

They are in a quarantine trailer with plenty of straw, food and water and very comfortable now. Neither of them looked like they had been shot with an arrow though, no arrow or wound was seen and neither was limping. Cranberry, the little male, was neutered this past Thursday and during his exam our veterinarians noticed a swelling on his elbow. Sure enough he was shot through his right front leg with an arrow. The wound was drained and cleaned, but what this poor little guy went through is heartbreaking. The arrow was broken off when the hunter saw him, just about a third of the arrow was still in his leg. Then he probably pulled and chewed on it until he got the rest of it out. Heíll be ok now. Animals, they are amazing, arenít they?

Your donations make rescues like this possible, so please make a donation today and support our efforts.


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