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I Don't Know Why He Swallowed That GOLFBALL!

A friend of mine who does bird rescue and rehab called the other day. She had a real strange request. She has a pigeon coop for releasable pigeons and so they won't make more pigeons she places glass eggs in their nests. She ran out of the fake eggs and used a golf ball instead. She checks the nests once a week to make sure the pigeons haven't figured it out and started to lay their own eggs. While in the coop she saw something move up in one of the eaves and it wasnít a pigeon.

She looked closer and it was a snake, but not moving the way a snake would. Upon a closer look the snake had a huge bulge about half way down his body and it looked like the exact size of, you guessed it....a golf ball. She brought the snake to Popcorn Park, where we identified it as a black rat snake, who are known to rob bird nests even while the birds are sitting on the eggs. Sure enough he had swallowed the golf ball and now it was stuck

Our veterinarian Dr. Paluch and medical staff inserted a feeding tube to get lubricant to the ball with hopes of manipulating the ball back up the esophagus and out itís mouth. No luck, it appeared that this snake had eaten the golf ball a lot longer ago than first thought. Our only option was surgery to remove the ball, we sedated him and went ahead.

We were sure we could get the ball out but given how long the ball was in there we were pretty worried about the viability of the tissue to be closed back up. It turned out to be a very lucky snake. The golf ball was removed and the closing went fine.

The snake now known as "Tiger Woods" has a long recovery ahead, next step is to get some soft food into him and we'll see how things go from there. If you would like to contribute toward his care click here to donate to our Res-Q Fund


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