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Humane News - Holiday 2017

The Holidays are just around the corner, and we hope you’ll celebrate with us in our Holiday 2017 issue of the Humane News – Volume 48, No.6.

We are happy to share plenty of good news with you – the rescue and transformation of so many animals in need of our help from Mushroom, the horribly matted Shih-Tzu, to Felix the cruelly starved pit bull terrier. You can also see the amazing difference we’ve made in the life of Ciro, left suffering and neglected in a backyard, and how we saved the life of Brenda Starr, a young kitten who nearly lost her life to poor care, and whose leg required amputation. All are happy and healthy now and looking for happy homes for the holidays.

And don’t forget all the other wonderful dogs and cats we have waiting for a loving home; visit our adoption pages and also our Share-A-Pet page and meet the hopefuls that are awaiting your visit. You can give them the same wonderful lives as are now enjoyed by our adopted sweeties that you can read about on the Happy Endings pages.

Download the Holiday 2017 issue here!

We know you’ll also love reading about our Shelter Outreach efforts, and how our wonderful staff and volunteers bring Society orphans to a variety of venues in the hopes of finding them new homes and helping the public learn more about AHS’ many efforts. We also have some great photos and stories about our recent Anniversary day and other events, the many kind and generous people who have helped us through donations and their own events, both adults, and – on the Junior Page – kids! And news? There’s always plenty of that – read about changes in legislation, the veterinary field, business practice changes – all that affect animals. And please take a moment to visit our Popcorn Park page and meet some of our stunning residents, and come visit in person, too! You’ll find it all here – in our 2017 Holiday Humane News.

We wish you all health and happiness this holiday season. Won’t you please make a donation at this time, and help us save more lives and bring happiness to the many animals that come to us in need. Thank you.


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