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Humane News - August 2017

Our August 2017 issue of the Humane News - Volume 48, No. 4 - is filled with great news of every kind about animals - check out some of what you can read about --

There is much good news for animals worldwide - from France ending captive breeding of whales and dolphins to research chimps finally being assured of a safe future to Nevada restricting the wildlife trade. But, of course, there is still plenty that needs to be done for New York City carriage horses, to end cockfighting, to fight for puppy mill dogs and more. Pages 2 and 3 cover these these important issues. Read our lead cover stories about the dogs and puppies we've saved from neglect, cruelty and abandonment - 8 neglected, unsocialized pups in Newark, a dog stuck at the bottom of a ravine, 2 pit bulls tied to a fence and abandoned in sweltering weather, and a young shepherd rescued from the street barely able to walk. It's all in this issue!

Download and read your August issue here!

There are plenty of Society events on the calendar - page 5 - and additional Society news on page 4 and 20, including many wonderful people who have helped AHS animals in a big way. Kids help, too - so be sure look at our Junior pages. AHS has so many wonderful cats and dogs waiting for adoption at our shelters plus new Share-A-Pets for sponsorship and new opportunities to sponsor on the Popcorn Park page. And in between? Great happy endings and so much news! Also check out the great rescues made by AHS that are not just cats and dogs - but all kinds of animals needing help. It's what AHS does!

Download the August issue now!

Your support is what makes all our work with animals possible - even bringing you the Humane News! So please make a donation and support our many efforts. Thank you!


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