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Winter - Knew A Hard, Painful Life

From time to time, we get in a pit bull that is happy, healthy, well-adjusted, gregarious and sociable. This isn't one of those. We are always amazed at how a tender heart can hold so much mistreatment of the past and remain calm, sweet & accepting of care from others.

Her eyes reflected the hurt, use and abuse that she carried with her from the past. She had a hard life with teeth that are worn and broken. She was probably used as a breeding dog. Society staffers, volunteers and evaluators take extra time and consideration mindful that she needs the extra love and attention that she didn't have in her past.

"Winter" is gentle and quiet and easy to walk. When our evaluator took the time to get to know her, she sat for a treat. But when she was given the toy and bone . she licked the evaluator's hand as if to say "thank you, but not now". Sandy our groomer gave Winter a much-needed spa day to bathe & to wash away the grime, dirt and memories of days gone by. Your donations help us to continue our efforts.

She is sweet, well behaved and if you are looking for a dog that is well-deserving of love & companionship, Winter is the one who will be by your side. For more information, call the Associated Humane's Newark shelter at 973-824-7080 or e-mail us and refer to File 20185.


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