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Ducklings Rescued from Storm Drain - Reunited with Mama

Storm drain where they fell through the grate.

Late Thursday afternoon we received a call from a postman in Barnegat who, as he was delivering the mail, heard a lot of "peeping" coming from a storm drain. He took a look and there they were, a bunch of baby mallard ducks that had just hatched within the last couple days, and had fallen through the holes in the storm drain grate. Their mom was running around very upset not knowing what to do.

Mom carefully watching us catch them, she even dive-bombed us a couple times.

We got there as soon as we could and with the smallest mesh nets we had carefully started catching them. This was not the easiest thing to do and especially with mom practically dive-bombing us as we tried to catch them. The first scoop brought 4 up, but we couldn't give them to mom yet as she might have left with them, and in her haste to get away from us, left the ones we hadn't caught yet. We put them in a bucket and started catching the rest, 5 more and then 1.

All safe and accounted for.

Now it was quiet. It was dark and hard to see in the storm drain so we caught them by listening to where they were. We thought we were done and as we stood up, we heard another. So we caught him and one more and again we stood up, took a couple steps, and heard another one. He was the hardest one to catch but we got him. Now we had a light and made sure all were out of the basin, 13 altogether./P>

Pond we put them in across the street.

We wanted to make sure that they all stayed together and mom could see them so as not to lose anyone. Right across the street was a really nice good size goldfish pond with a lot of plants and cover. Under the watchful eye of mom, we brought them over and when mom was close enough to see and hear them we released them into the pond.

They heard mom quacking and got out of the pond and ran to her.

As soon as the ducklings heard their mom calling them, they all jumped out and ran over to her. They all looked so relieved and then jumped back into the pond with mom joining them. In the next few minutes the home owner drove up; she had been gone for a while and didnít know of the ducklings escapades in the storm drain.

Happy now and keeping an eye on them.

Then Mom joined in.

The mom had hatched her ducklings on that property and the owner had watched over them for the last couple days; she was so glad everything was OK now. She had a much smaller mesh put over the storm drain cover, temporarily, until the babies were big enough not to fall in again.

Thank you to the mailman, the homeowner and the neighbors who watched out for the ducklings until we got there.


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