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Humane News - June 2016

Hot Off the Press! and ready for you to read - the June 2016 issue of the Humane News - Volume 47, No.3!

AHS cares for animals in such a wide variety of situations - our cover stories feature a pup that is a victim of a domestic violence situation, a kitten with neurological problems turned in by his owners, a dog with medical issues with his legs so that he must walk on his wrists, and a puppy turned in at just 2 days old because of a 5th leg growing from his body - check out stories and photos of Delilah, Cinnamon, Fozzie and Snow Baby.

Check out the June issue here!

With many people thinking of vacations, we're offering some timely news on how you can have a getaway or just a long scenic drive and still be kind to animals. More news is included on fishing/driftnets, dangers of the pet trade, plus lots of good news for animals around the world including fashion with compassion!

June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month, so there is an extra page of beautiful cats and kittens waiting for your love, plus many Happy Endings for animals you've read about in the pages of the Humane News. There's plenty of news about what's happening at the Society, new Vested Interest vest recipients, and many thanks to kids and businesses who are so thoughtful and kind in helping our animals. And there's so much more!

Download your June issue now!

As you can see, we are always working hard on behalf of animals, both those that come to our shelters and Popcorn Park and far beyond. You make a big difference in what we do! Please make a donation and help out today.


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