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Help Us Raise Funds to Help Heal Animals in Need

Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park has entered into the Ocean First Charity Challenge and we need your help to win! We have from now until May 18th to be the organization that raises the most money and if we succeed, we will win a grant from Ocean First for $20,000. Our goal in this contest is to raise $45,000 to purchase physical therapy equipment that will greatly benefit the animals in our care. You all know the work we do for all of the special needs cases that come through our doors. Leo the Tibetan Mastiff, Vinnie Van Gogh the pit bull pup, are just two examples of the countless animals that have come to us in their time of need and that we have healed. Many times animals come to us that have injuries that require physical therapy. We take those animals out for this treatment which can be costly. If we were to have our own laser, treadmill, and exercise equipment, our medical team could administer the treatment right here at our facility.

We need help to reach our goal and we only have a short time to reach it. Please check here to read all about the contest and to donate:.

And please visit our Facebook page: Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter, to see stories of the many animals that we have healed with the aide of physical therapy. Thanks for your support!

Read about Nina and how she benefitted from the equipment we want to have right here at AHS!


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