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Parkway Sheep Rescued, Brought to Safety

The Tinton Falls Branch of AHS first got calls about "goats", which turned out to really be sheep, roaming the southbound Parkway around Labor Day. ACO’s weren't able to get close enough to catch them but were able to run them further away from the roadway to a safer area.

One sheep caught, one cautious remains outside.

Calls about the sheep tailed off, which led officers to believe the "goats" had found their way back to their owners. But the calls resumed about a month later, this time with the animals spotted on the northbound side of the Parkway, again around mile marker 99.

Animal control officers from AHS had spotted a hole in a chain link fence about 50 feet into the woods that ran parallel to the parkway and led to a farm. We widened the hole so the animals could duck through for feed we had put on the other side. That's exactly what happened Wednesday morning when the "goats" appeared in the farmer's field. Now at least they were safe from that very heavily trafficked area of the parkway and would not cause accidents.

Both sheep corralled and safe.

But we still needed to corral them.

We went to a local fence company and rented a 10 by 6-foot dog kennel, in which we put hay and grains. We left the door open so they would get comfortable going in and out for food in hopes of catching them the next morning. We made plans to meet about 6:30 the next morning; as we pulled up the farm drivway the property owner came running out, excited that he was able to close the kennel with a long rope we had tied to the door and capture one of them, which turned out to be the pregnant white sheep.

The littler black sheep was going to take a little more coaxing to get into the pen, after watching for awhile it was evident that the black one was probably the white sheep's daughter but not as sure of going into the kennel as her mother was. After an hour or so, she just couldn’t bear not being next to her mom and she went in.

Both sheep received vet exams and had ticks removed.

Both will be quarantined for 60 days. They were filled with ticks, but otherwise seemed healthy.

They're sharing a pen with two pot-bellied pigs, Babe and Napoleon, for the time being. Once the quarantine is complete, our staff will decide whether to keep them there or move them to Popcorn Park to be with other sheep. We gave them a chance to settle in and get to know them a bit before naming them. We decided on Reeeba and Sheeeba.

Reeba at Tinton Falls, free to leave her crate and explore.

Sheeba and Reeba in their new home.

Reeba, the white sheep, also mom to Sheeba the black one, looked a little too big in the mid section when we caught her .... well, here's the reason why ..... On Sat Nov 28th, Reeeba delivered her two lambs and all are doing fine. Name choices so far, North and South.

Sheeba, Reeba and her two lambs.

All are doing well at our Tinton Falls shelter. They are still in quarantine for another month before moving to Associated Humane Societies Popcorn Park Refuge.


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