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OF VITAL IMPORTANCE for BEARS . PLEASE act before July 17th

Dear Friends and Activists,

As you undoubtedly know, the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) has proposed several extensions and expansions to its Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy (CBBMP). These exact amendments are noted on the attachment. Among them is the egregious bow hunting of any bear .. cubs of the year included.

Since cubs are usually born in January, October hunts would allow eight and nine month old cubs to now be slaughtered by bow hunting. Bow hunting is notoriously cruel, as it is often not a quick clean kill and often results in injuries. Also, keep in mind that bears have a natural life expectancy of about 25 years. This is nothing less than infanticide.

We are now in the 60 day public comment period whereby the DFW is required to count every public comment until July 17th and to compile and report final results.

It is VITALLY important that the public comments opposing the proposed CBBMP far outnumber the pro-amended CBBMP. We must again insure the Fish and Game Councils (FGC) disregard of the vast majority of co-owners/stakeholders of the publicly owned bear/wildlife resource.

While you may not believe that this campaign will be effective, please keep in mind that we are building a case to show the history of the FGCs consistent disregard of the vast majority of co-owners and stakeholders of the publicly owned wildlife resource, while accommodating only the 1% of NJ residents who hunt.

Please do not hesitate to take action. Click here for a form letter that you can easily edit, print out, date, sign and send. For greater credibility, please include your home address.

And PLEASE .. be an aggressive activist and forward this to everyone you know who might support this effort ---- including those who live outside New Jersey.

Profuse thanks for your assistance.

Yours for NJs wild animals,

Janet Piszar, Founder

PUBLIC TRUST Wildlife Management, est. 2011


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