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Editorial on Cold Weather Misery


The frigid, windy weather has uncovered the myriad problems of today’s anti-cruelty laws. Over the past several weeks, AHS has been involved with numerous incidents of animals that have been kept outside in terribly freezing weather. When the animal cruelty enforcement agency is involved, they ask if the dog has shelter. If the dog has shelter …. it is assumed that is sufficient for its needs. They give tacit approval for such shelters.

Anti-cruelty laws state that the owner must provide proper shelter and protection from the weather.

* Is proper shelter a rabbit hutch in which 2 dogs live?

* Is proper shelter a wire cage with a tarpaulin for a roof in which a dog lives (or dies)?

* Is proper shelter a plastic dog carrier in which a dog lives (or dies)?

* A shelter for a Fox Terrier MUST be different than a shelter for a Shepherd.

It can be recognized throughout the social media that people are screaming about the need for state laws. By the time laws are put together and introduced, precious time will have been lost.

AHS has been involved in several cases of dogs in poor shelters and have addressed it in the manner which was needed to obtain justice. The quickest way to remedy the problem is to address it by introducing an ordinance in your municipality.

In a meeting with Plainfield Councilwoman Bridget Rivers, an amendment has been written to address tethering, sheltering and temperature restrictions, is scheduled for a First Reading, Second Reading and Passage …. and will take effect 20 days after passage. If you would like a copy of this Ordinance, e-mail us and specify Plainfield Proposed Ordinance. for a copy for your town.


We have discovered that Upper Township (Cape May County) has a new Pet Protection Ordinance which involves temperature restrictions for all outdoor dogs and indoor/outdoor cats (with the exception of feral cats) unless tethered or kenneled unless kennel is heated or air conditioned according to safety codes. Indoors includes any area which is temperature controlled. Garage and basements WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED ADEQUATE unless heated in cold or air conditioned in heat.

Due to the indiscriminate use of trapping cats , the Township of Hillside has passed a TNR ordinance (0-14-18) for their safety & well being. To receive a copy of his ordinance, e-mail us and specify Hillside TNR Ordinance.



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