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URGENT -Your Help Is Needed on N.J. Anti-Wildlife Bills

On Jan. 12th, the Senate's Environment and Energy Committee approved four anti-wildlife bills:

S2492 (Sweeney, Orogo) would remove permit limits on trapping beaver with cruel traps that cause excruciating and prolonged suffering. The bill removes the 200 limit allowed for the taking of beavers. It is now in the Senate's Budget and Appropriations Committee.

S699 (Kyrillos,Jr.) authorizes the hunting of any "game" animal every day of the week, including Sundays during hunting seasons. Could be up for a full Senate vote as early as February 5th.

S573 (Smith, Bob/Sweeney, Beck, Oroho, Norcross) is an Apprentice hunting license bill which will allow adults and children to obtain hunting licenses without a safety course if accompanied by a licensed adult. Moved from the Environment and Energy Committee to the Senate's Budget and Appropriations Committee.

S1683 (Oroho, Bucco, Addiego) would authorize Sunday bow hunting on federal military installations and William J. Hughes Technical Center.

New Jersey's "war on wildlife" is real. In a deliberate move, Senate President Stephen Sweeney, founded a legislator caucus "guided" by all facets of the wildlife-trade - firearms, archery,ammunition manufacturers and fur interests. Senators Smith, Oroho, Kryllos and Bucco are members of the caucus.

When the bill was put on the fast track last year, your phone calls, e-mails and letters helped to stop the beaver bill.

Please contact your Senators today and advise them of your opinion.


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