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Humane News - February 2015

Happy New Year! And with this year comes your first 2015 edition of the Humane News, your February Valentine's issue. There's a chill in the air, but not in our hearts, so curl up and read the latest Humane News, Volume 46, Issue No. 1.

At the risk of making a Valentine's pun, you will find lots of heartwarming stories in this issue - read about animals who've gotten a much needed second chance with us - Evan the Boxer, left to die in a secluded area, Cookie the Pekingese, suffering long years with skin infections, Rocky the Bobcat who was continually endangered in escaping his home, and three small pups, unable to walk and left untreated. And Happy Endings? We've got them, too! Read about their new loving homes - Oliver, rescued from a dumpster, Lollie, lived her life on a chain, senior sweeties left alone when their owner passed away, and Brenda and Sharyn, our blind Share-a-Pets. That's a whole lot of great news!

Download your issue here.

You'll also read about lots of people with big hearts who've helped our animals - kids, a bride-to-be, a local church, a doctor's office and many, many more - just everyday folks who love animals! Also see photos of out recent 5k run!

And news? There's plenty of it in all fields of animal welfare - animals in entertainment, dairy farm news, dolphins and whales, carriage horses, as well as news on local, state, national and worldwide levels. Updates on our Vested Interest fund, volunteering and more. We hope you have a heart AND a home for our featured orphans, and at least a heart to sponsor our Share-A-Pets and Wildlife Club residents.

Our Valentine's issue is filled with what we do for animals, and of course, a donation to support all our good work is greatly appreciated. But your online copy of the Humane News is still free, so download your copy and enjoy! Best wishes for a wonderful, animal-loving New Year!


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