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Rabbits Rescued after Owner Passes Away

The rabbits' hutches were in extremely poor condition.

Some of the rabbits lived in overly crowded conditions.

We received an urgent Facebook message early Monday morning about some rabbits that needed to be rescued in Southern Ocean County. The owner of about 20 rabbits had passed away. We made some calls to the police department and animal control offering assistance. The police department had given us the phone number of a neighbor. We called and the neighbor got back to us on Tuesday morning. They said they all thought that he had gone away for a couple of days but after a few days and seeing no activity at the house, they called police.

More broken down, unusable hutches.

Apparently, he had passed 4 or 5 days before. He lived alone so there wasnít anyone to care for the rabbits. Animal control came and took a cat, but left the rabbits. We started getting things together to head down there. We gathered a number of crates for the van and our pickup truck to haul back the rabbits and any hutches that may be needed. When we arrived, all of the rabbit hutches were in pretty bad shape and unusable. The rabbits were all in distress because of the lack of food and water.

The rabbits did finally get some food and water from a kind person who heard the news.

Someone working construction 2 houses down heard the news of the manís death and went over earlier Tues. morning and put food and water in their cages.

The rabbits hadnít been properly cared for in a long time. 6 out of the 20 had already died. We took 13 rabbits out of the hutches and put them in our carriers, when we were about to pull away one of our staff spotted a rabbit running under a neighbor's shed. It took some running around from the 4 of us, but we finally caught him.

Lined up in clean, comfortable carriers with plenty of food and water.

While in route back to the shelter, staff at the park began getting larger carriers, food and water ready. The vet staff readied themselves for exams. All the rabbits had some parasite issues which were addressed, and a couple of them had extremely bad ear mites. After their exams they were cleaned up, separated for health issues, and now are comfortable with plenty of food and water.

Dr. Baris and Teresa examining the rabbits as they came in.

It may take a couple of weeks for the treatments but they will be available for adoption after they are all healthy again. Rescues like this which include vet care, medication and food all need support. Please consider donating to our ResQ Fund to help us continue helping animals in need.


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