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Porsche and Simba Get Check-Ups

When the Alabama cats arrived, health checks were done as they were moved into their dens. When Simba and Porsche were examined it sounded like they both had a possible heart murmur. Our vet staff made an appointment with Dr. Eric DeRose, a veterinarian cardiologist.

Porsche sedated and monitored.

Our veterinarians, Dr. Bergmann and Dr. Paluch, look on as veterinarian cardiologist Dr. Eric DeRose scans Porsche chest.

Dr. DeRose scans Simba's heart.

After Simba and Porsche had settled in a bit and put on some weight, we decided to go ahead with the cardiac exam. Tuesday, Nov. 4, they were both sedated and tests were run, and both at this time seem fine. This was also a great opportunity to give Simba a much needed bath.

Bath time in the barn, everybody scrubbin'.

A good rinse.

And blow dried by the girls who help care for the big cats, Teresa, Jenn and Amber.

He had come up from Alabama so dirty that if he were out in a rain, red mud would drip from his fur. He had a real bad smell about him, too, so after his exam, he was off to the barn for a bath. Boy, what an immediate difference it made! (He's 5 shades lighter then we thought.) He looked like a different lion and he never smelled so good as after his bath. Staff can now walk into his den area in the morning without holding their noses.

A handsome boy now; we never thought his mane was so light.


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