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Humane News - June 2014

With everything bursting into bloom, it only makes sense that we would publish our next issue of the HUMANE NEWS bursting at the seams with great animal news!

It's our June 2014 issue, Volume 45, Issue No. 3, and here's what we have in store. We bring you a follow-up on our Invincible Vinnie and a summary of his wonderful progress to date, and life-saving rescues of Pumpkin, a neglected and unwanted Chihuahua, Rusty, a puppy close to death left on a local resident’s porch and Serenity, a young feline mom trying to survive in the concrete jungle. We’ve put them all on the path to health - take a look and see how they’re doing!

Download your issue now!

Featured is a two-page special article about sanctuaries and hospices that are glad to take your money and animals, but do not provide what they promise -- far from it. Read about 3 “sanctuaries” that had been operating for years, taking pet lovers’ trust and funds while keeping their beloved pets in living hells. This is an important subject all animal lovers need to be aware of. There are also stories of a historic dogfighting bust in NJ, the plight of a circus elephant in need of help, animal health news, plus news from around the USA, NY, NJ and the world.

We have lots of Happy Endings, and plenty of deserving cats and dogs waiting to be adopted as well as new Share-A-Pets needing your love and support. Check out some beautiful bracelets that you can purchase and wear proudly as they help the AHS. Also read about wonderful adults and kids who have made a big differemce to our animals. We even have some pet and earth-friendly gardening tips!

It’s another packed issue, so sit back and catch up on all the animal news you want to read!

Don't wait - read the June 2014 HUMANE NEWS now!


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