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Humane News- February 2014

It's a New Year and Valentine's Day is coming up, too. We may be beginning 2014, but there is never an end to the animals that need our help.

Our rescue work continues as you will read in our latest issue of the Humane News, February 2014 - Volume 45, Issue No.1. Sadly, there is no lack of animals being dumped or kept in horrible conditions. Our cover stories feature a Beagle foursome dropped off at a shelter in the South by a backyard breeder who just didn't care; another foursome left out in near zero weather with no water or food or usable shelter; a cat dumped outside and shot by an arrow; and an injured pup left outside a vet's office with a note. We helped them all

Read all about it in the February issue!

There are informative articles about puppy mills, alleged sanctuaries for pets, and neglect of horses, news about animals used in entertainment and updates in the veterinary medical field. There's lots of news about happenings at the Society including new dogs protected through our Vested Interest Fund and lots of Happy Endings. Visit our Wildlife Club and lend your heart to one of the members of our Lonely Hearts Club (who have few or no sponsors), and check out one new Share-a-Pet who's made wonderful progress and one who's been waiting way too long for love. There's much, much more, so you know what to do ...

Download your copy of the February 2014 Humane News now!


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