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Princess Picks Week 16 and Meets Santa!

Good job, girl, you called it right Ö the Panthers won. I have to say though, that was a no brainer.

Awwww, thatís my Jets, John. I knew they would pull through for me.

Girl, I donít know what you mean -- you didnít pick the Jets -- you picked the Panthers.

Thatís exactly what I mean, John. I was counting on the Jets losing, so they pulled through for me. Anyway, what game we got this week?

Well girl, we are going to go with the Giants playing the Detroit Lions.

John, the Giants? Are they still playing? I thought they cleaned their lockers out.

Hey, girl, be nice.

John, c'mon, five interceptions!!! Gag me with a spoon! They should be cleaning their lockers out. Letís get on with the pick.

The Game

Princess making her pick

Princess picks the Lions to win!

Donít be so disappointed, John. Iím a Giants fan, too, but, Iíve got to be realistic, and besides, Nyla our Lioness has been talking up Detroit all week. If youíre quiet, you can hear her practicing now -- ĎL-I-O-N-SĒ ďLETíS GO LIONSĒ

Speaking of realistic Ö.. look whoís heading out this way ,girl. You better put your cute face on and look like youíve been behaving yourself.

Ho Ho Ho Ö.. Merry Christmas, Princess!

Go ahead girl, don't be shy, say hello to Santa and give him a big kiss.

Aww, that was nice, girl.

John tells me you have been a good girl all year long. What would you like for Christmas? Wait a minute, donít say another word, I know what you want. I have the elves bringing some at this very moment. Now, is there anything else youíd like to ask for?

Well, there is one last thing, Santa ... as you make your way up to North Jersey on Christmas Eve please stop at the Meadowland Football Stadium and just remember to bring lots of coal. Both teams have been real bad all year!!

Is this what you were looking for Princess? The elves just brought them to me.

Aww, thank you Santa!!!

Hey John, thanks for putting in a good word for me.

It's alright, girl, I had to fib a little bit but you have been a good girl, well Ö most of the time.
Good luck to you and the Lions girl.

On behalf of myself, John, all the residents and staff here at Popcorn Park, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Results: Princess missed it this week - the Giants beat the Lions 23 to 20.


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