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More on Judy, Who Raised Cricket the Kitten

Judy enjoys a healthy diet, which includes a small breakfast, some sunflower seeds during the day, and a main meal at dinnertime. This will include fruits, vegetables, a monkey chow biscuit and a special monkey canned diet to assure that she receives proper and balanced nutrition. Her favorite foods are pasta and grapes. In the wild, macaques eat fruits and vegetables as well, also roots and insects, foraging for whatever they can find during changes of season.

Judy weighs about 20 pounds, and is approximately 2 feet tall. Her age is estimated to be 29 or 30 years old. Macaques in captivity have a life span of 35-40 years, so we can expect to enjoy Judy's company for quite some time. In the wild, their life expectancy is variable, based on their position in their particular family, or tribe. She has a long, flat coat, which she grooms to keep clean and free of parasites.

Judy also has special playthings, and these include very simple dolls with clothes that she can take off and attempt to put back on, as well as simple stuffed animals. She also enjoys sturdy toys designed for dogs that periodically dispense treats.

A macaque such as Judy is an Old World Monkey, which are found living in Africa and Asia. They are called Old World Monkeys because those were the areas known to Europeans before Columbus set sail for America. They include colobus monkeys, macaques, baboons, mandrills and others. They are further defined by their having prehensile tails which they do not use. They also have opposable thumbs on their hands, better enabling them to pick, grasp and eat their food with one hand. They also have opposable thumbs on their feet to help them grasp objects and move about. Judy uses her hands to play with challenging toys ... and to reach out for affection.

Now that you know all about her, we hope you'll want to sponsor Judy on the Wildlife Club.


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