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Once A Gamble, Rock Ends Up a Sure-Bet

'There are ten thousand stories in the naked city, and this shelter seems to house all of them,' said Louis Novellino when he first visited the Newark shelter in June, 2001. After two hours of meeting and walking German Shepherds, Louis spotted an immense Rottweiler alone in a cage at the back of the shelter. It appeared that Louis and his friend, Dorothy, were intruding upon `His Majesty's splendid isolation', and Dorothy noted the Rotti was lordly, but wondered was he safe?

But Louis took a gamble and adopted the Rottwelier he named Rock and took him home to Middletown, NJ. That day Rock was walked for a couple hours, introduced to his new home, his new yard, and his daily regimen. Despite Rock's wary, if not threatening demeanor, he offered Louis his paw uninvited. Louis shook Rock's paw - it was a deal.

In an initial follow-up, Rock was reported to be excelling in Obedience, Tracking and Protection work. According to Louis, `Rock was one of the best gambles of my life.' We recently received the above photo of `Rock at the Summit', and requested another follow-up. Louis sent this unique response.

`The wolf is reputed to be the common ancestor of all K-9s. 'Lucy,' an anthropoid ape of 3.2 million years ago, is supposedly the missing link and our common ancestor.

At some point in the obscure past, man domesticated lobo. Somehow a bond was forged--perhaps man shared a kill -- a practice that continues under a different aspect to this day. One thing is certain: the loyalty, devotion, and companionship of a dog are perfect, unconditional, full, and constant.  Such qualities may still be found in wolf packs and in the interaction of members of the pack -- where they survive.

Man made a smart move domesticating the dog.

So it happened that on June 9, 2001, I adopted Rock the rotti (pictured at the summit) while visiting 124 Evergreen Avenue, Newark, New Jersey's Associated Humane Societies shelter. Recapitulating an old story, man and dog understood one another and formed a pact (if not a pack). The dog is still man's best friend.'



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