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Snail and Slug Bait Poisonous to Pets

As has been mentioned in the HUMANE NEWS on several occasions in the past, it bears repeating. SNAIL and SLUG BAIT are poisonous to dogs. Some veterinary hospitals have reported as many as 3 cases a week during the warm weather season. Any pets that ingest even a small amount MUST receive immediate veterinary care or it could result in death.

The bait comes in pellets which can resemble dog food. Powder and liquid forms can get on a dogšs paws and can be ingested when it licks it off. Symptoms can occur within 30 minutes after ingestion. It is recommended that pet owners use non-toxic forms of snail & slug bait. Traps can be baited with beer or a mixture of molasses, cornmeal, flour, water & yeast to attract the slugs ­ which will not harm pets.



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