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After 9 Years, Fiddler Finds a Home

Sitting atop the roof of a car dealership building was a painfully thin dog we rescued and appropriately christened "Fiddler". He was featured on the front page of the HUMANE NEWS and waited for adoption. When he wasnąt lucky, he was placed on the Share-A-Pet Program, and waited for adoption. It took nine years but thankfully, his prayers (and ours) have come to fruition.

Paul & Bonnie Trowbridge of Mellenville, N Y had been sponsoring Fiddler and when they had turned the AHS calendar page and saw his face, they felt it was a sign to come and adopt their pet.

Excerpts from a two page letter state: "I really wish that we could have met and celebrated our joy of having Fiddler come into our lives and our hearts!! Fiddie is the absolute perfect example of why people should consider adopting an older pet. After our drive back home, it was time for him to meet his "younger" brother, Chance, a pit bull/plott hound mix that we rescued over seven years ago. Fiddie took over. He wagged his tail, showed no aggression whatsoever and after much mutual sniffing, Chance was satisfied that Fiddie posed no threat. Now it was time for Fiddie to slowly be introduced to five rescued indoor cats over the next week. Once again, he has shown the way to everyone, by always being kind and gentle, to the point that the very smallest cat that we rescued from an alley actually has decided to "groom" him for the first time. Fiddler is truly a living tribute to the devotion, compassion and love that the staff of your organization shows these innocent, defenseless animals. That he can have such an incredible outlook on life is affirmation that you are doing an incredible job! On behalf of all the abused, lonely souls that you have saved and continue to save, thank you and our biggest thank you of all is THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving Fiddler until we were blessed to find him".

Photos: At top, Photo of Fiddler where he'd been abandoned and starved on a car dealership roof. Below, Paul & Bonnie Trowbridge of Mellenville, N Y with their newly-adopted Fiddler who waited nine years for adoption.

Don't forget!  All our wonderful Share-A-Pets are available for adoption. And if you can't adopt, pick one to sponsor!  Each one will be very grateful.

It is our mission -- everyday -- to rescue helpless animals. Fiddler is just one of thousands to whom we give a "new leash on life".  Please help us save more lives!



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