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The inner city shelter may be one of the most difficult and heartbreaking environments to work in.  Staff who work in the cities see regularly what other facilities only see on TV or read about on web sites or in publications. Sadly, cruelty, abuse, and neglect are commonplace. For this reason, we here at the Newark facility, try to give extra chances to those who have suffered, whether little old neglected dogs, handicapped cats, victims of abuse and more.  Our site's front page stories will often feature how we've helped those that need us most. Some of the photos shown may not always be pretty ... but there'll always be the `after' photo, and you'll smile the same way we do when we turn an animal's life around.

Pictured above right, a 3 month old pit bull terrier puppy with chains around her neck weighing 1/3 her own body weight. We convinced the owner to surrender her to us, and at right you see the youngster in our Medical Dept., getting good food and medical care. She was accepted by one of our reliable rescue organizations to ready for adoption.

Newark has also been the temporary home for animals that were languishing in city `petting zoos', from investigated slaughterhouses, raids on fighting animal facilities, confiscations from collectors, abusive guard dog facilities and more. We hope you'll come and visit often ... and see the amazing accomplishments of the Newark Shelter. 

Above is pictured Baby Baa-aah, a lamb rescued at one day old, near death, from the floor of a Newark slaughterhouse which was being investigated. Her mother had already been taken to slaughter. The baby was brought to our Medical Dept. for immediate care, and was raised by office staff, and the Asst. Director's German shepherd, Sam. Take a look at Baby Baa-aah today in Popcorn Park!

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