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Wildlife consist of those animals who are native to one's own country, and Popcorn Park Zoo provides spacious arrangements to many animals that would normally live in the wild in North America, but whose abilities were somehow compromised.  Any wildlife that comes to Popcorn Park and which can be released is returned to its natural habitat.  BooBoo, the American black bear, is just one example of a magnificent American animal, whose existence was trivialized by her being used as a partial payment for a used car in Iowa. The dealership hoped to use her as a selling attraction, but soon found they were unable to handle a bear. Scenarios such as these are how much of our wildlife came to us.  Our American wildlife includes BooBoo, seven cougars, bobcats, a raccoon, turtles, a coatimundi, white-tailed and fallow deer, and many native birds, which are detailed in the `Birds' category. 

For details on each of these animals, refer to the Wildlife Club where you can read of their plight and help support them as well.

Pictured above is the lovely BooBoo, and at left, Bonnie, one of our White-Tailed Deer, just waiting for new sponsors on the Wildlife Club.

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Popcorn Park Animal Clinic (609) 693-6551

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