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Farm animals are often the gentlest of animals, though we have several who have quite a sense of themselves!  Quite a few of our residents have been saved from, or escaped from, slaughter; others were once `pets' or `projects' that were later unwanted. Still others, such as Trudy and Seven, were rescued from starvation; some ran the streets as `strays', and others were brought to us because they were babies that couldn't stand or had been unwanted `gifts'.  The reasons why we have the variety of animals we do is as diverse as the species themselves!  Among our farm animals are sheep, horses, a donkey, goats, rabbits, several steer, and pigs.  Many of our resident birds may be categorized as farm `animals' , but we've included them in their own category. 

We hope you'll take the time to read more about our wonderful farm animals in the Popcorn Park Wildlife Club, and perhaps you'll even find the one that most appeals to you to sponsor.

Pictured at upper right are Trudy and Seven, the mother and daughter who were once severely undernourished and were rescued from starvation. At left is Newton, a youngster who faced a short life as a veal calf. Now isn't that the face that deserves your sponsorship on the Wildlife Club?

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