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Exotic Animals are generally considered those who are not native to one's own country, and Popcorn Park has plenty of these!!  We are currently home to four Bengal tigers, all from Texas. Two had been purchased with the thought to use them in a canned hunt, and the other two were neglected and starved in sanctuaries that didn't have the funds to care for them. We are also home to Muntjacks, a Bactrian camel, a Lechwe, Caimen, Pythons, several types of monkeys, tortoises, Wallabies, and most recently a Civet cat. Some of these exotic animals were being kept illegally as "pets", but others we rescued from faclities that were closing or no longer wanted animals, research, the exotic animal trade, a travelling circus and more. 

For detailed information on each of our exotics, you can read up on them in the Popcorn Park Wildlife Club, where you may also sponsor them.

Pictured above is Bengali with his medicine ball when he was recovering from a life of neglect. Take a look in the Wildlife Club section to see what he looks like today! At right is Buster a White-Faced Capuchin who'd been owned illegally as a pet and confined in a very small space.

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Popcorn Park Animal Clinic (609) 693-6551

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