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The Associated Humane Societies operates four shelters in the state of New Jersey (shelter locations). People that visit our shelters are always deeply touched .... most people are simply unaware of the sheer number of beautiful, deserving animals that are homeless, whether strays or once owned, waiting for that special "forever" home.

Purebreed LabApproximately 30% of all shelter dogs nationwide are purebred, another surprise to the general public. The dogs in our facilities are no exception to the rule. While purebred puppies are not as common, our shelters have been home to almost every known breed - from Samoyeds to Salukis, from Pugs to Papillons, from Boxers to Bouviers. We all too frequently see Siamese, Persian, and Snowshoe cats. What a shelter teaches you is when someone no longer wants his or her pet, it doesn't really matter what breed it is or how much it once cost. They just don't want it.

We see the elderly, the injured and ill, the neglected, and the outright abused. The Society tries to give these unfortunates an extra special chance to find the home who, understanding their plight, will somehow try to make it up to them by offering a new and especially loving life. Sometimes that life is with us on the Animal Haven Farm or in Kitty City.

For the staff working in a shelter, the work can be both wonderfully gratifying and excruciatingly painful. There are the joys of seeing those in your care find wonderful homes, and the heartbreak of seeing what man is capable of in mistreating an animal. Nonetheless, our work goes on.

Our staff does the best it can to help potential adopters find the pet that fits their lifestyle and their family. With thorough adoption procedures in place, mandated spay and neuter, necessary inoculations, and most recently, microchipping of all animals, more and more pets are truly given "a new leash on life". We are also grateful for the opportunity to feature adoptable pets on Petfinder and to work with a number of reliable rescues who assist us in the care and placement of our orphans.

In addition, the Society operates radio-dispatched ambulances around the clock to provide animal control to its neighboring towns, and to cover emergencies and injured animals. We also have two complete Medical Departments to care for those in need.

To take a tour and find the services offered at each shelter, click on the links above right, and see the miracles we can do ...sometimes against all odds.

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