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Joining the Zoological Society - Everything You Wanted to Know and More!

All members of the Zoological Society receive a Zoological Society Membership Card, denoting their level of membership, and a one year subscription to the Humane News, our nationwide publication, and ZoonooZ, the official publication of Popcorn Park, published three times a year. All levels of membership allow free admissions to the Zoo for yourself and guests, the number of visits varying with level of membership.

Even if you live at a distance, and are unable to visit the Zoo, you will learn of all the new animals who have been accepted to Popcorn Park, improvements to habitats, and other exciting happenings through the ZoonooZ, as well as interesting articles on all kinds of wildlife.  With your support of the Zoological Society, you will receive your edition of ZoonooZ via internet in PDF format just as soon as it's ready for press ... that is, in the speediest way possible! The Humane News will also be "delivered to your door" right at your computer. We're hoping that you'll sign up for these options and save the Society much needed funds in printing and postage.

As you know, from reading about Popcorn Park Zoo in other aeas of this site, each animal has its own special story, and was rescued from a life of hardship, inappropriate ownership, cruelty or death.  Your support through the Popcorn Park Zoological Society contributes to the care of all Zoo residents, and is applied wherever it is needed most.

To learn more about the various levels of membership, return to our enrollment page and click on any category for a description of benefits. Then sign up, and you will be automatically enrolled to begin receiving your benefits!

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