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Welcome to the Kids' Section of the Web Site!

We know that you love animals, and that you want to learn about them and help them. So we're setting up sections for you to enjoy them, learn more AND help them! For starters, look what we have for you!

Sunday School with Pops

During the month of May, the Cross of Glory Lutheran Church's Nursery School were taught the importance of giving and sharing -- to family, friends, the community, etc. Among their efforts, the group chose to help needy animals at Popcorn Park in Forked River. They gathered dog food, cat food, treats, "Care Bears", home-made catnip toys, cleaning supplies and much more! At the end of their fund raiser, one of the lucky orphans that was adopted from Popcorn Park visited the group to thank them for wonderful efforts! "Pop" was originally found in horrible shape at Newark's Penn Station. He has a lifetime of love in his home and he is one of the good will ambassadors for unfortunate animals.

This is Pops when he was first found in the train station.

Girl Scout Troop #20145 Helps Popcorn Park Animals

Girl Scout Troop 20145 of Glen Ridge, NJ completed their Bronze Award in honor of Popcorn Park! The 5th grade Juniors visited Popcorn Park, collected items to donate to AHS, made their own organic dog treats and sold them as well as dog toys! The enthusiastic group shared information about Popcorn Park with the community at Farmer’s Market and Eco Fair. Through their efforts, the troop raised $480.00 to sponsor 10 animals for one year. Through the fruits of their labor, they support Caesar and Dante the Tiger, Princess the Camel, Nyla the Lion, Boo Boo the Black Bear, Croc the Caiman, Troy the Miniature Horse, Daisy the Pig, Kayleigh the Monkey, and Anubis the Serval. What a great bunch of Girl Scouts!

Hermit Crabs Need Special Care

Hermit crabs are sold everywhere - in malls, on the boardwalk as well as pet stores. But they need special care. Do you want a hermit crab? Do you know how to take care of them or what they need? Find out what you need to know and read about them here.





School Hatching Projects - Not All They're Cracked Up to Be!

All those cute little chicks and ducklings that are hatched as school projects? Not a good idea! Baby chicks, ducks and quail should not be raised to be used as training "tools" for dogs, or just to see how an animal hatches from an egg. Most die early or are mistreated,injured or killed. No bird deserves that!

Find out why school hatching projects are a bad idea and some other things your class can do instead. Read more ....

Find Out How You Can Help Easter Chicks!


More Books!
Author: Lisa Appello

A great book this Valentine’s Day aimed at youngsters is Zuky’s World. This is an adventure as told by Zuky of what it is like to be a dog, from a dog’s point of view. Zuky is a rescue dog who finds a nice home. His adventures along the way is what makes this a great story for children and animal lovers. This story is funny and heartwarming for all. Zuky is the “runt” of the litter with big ears, everyone laughed at him until he found a family who would love and appreciate him for his special personality.

Thanks to the kindness of Lisa Appello, author of Zuky’s World, a portion of the proceeds of her book will be donated to Popcorn Park. The book is 53 pages and published by Infinity Publishing. Also available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. $8.95

Author: Wyatt Workman

Hi! My name is Wyatt. I am nine years old now. I like ocean sea creatures. But the ocean has something in it that is very bad. Now what is that thing? It is yucky trash. It is very gross. So I decided to help the sea by making art.
When I was seven, I made a little claymation movie. My movie is called Save the Sea from the Trash Monster! I wrote a book about it, too. I also made a lot of little clay objects and then I had an art show to raise money for a cool ocean group that wants to save the ocean, too.
This was my idea: I wanted to sell the clay objects and the book and get a lot of money like I was rich, but I wasn’t going to keep that money. I wanted to give that money to Oceana so I can help save the ocean. So I did.
I like to do things to save the ocean. Now I make other art, like drawings and other things, and I keep selling it all so I can keep helping Oceana do what they do. I want to be like Martin Luther King, jr., and do something to make the world a better place.
My book tells the story of the Trash Monster who is trying to take over the ocean. The cute little sea creatures try to stop him, but he is very powerful. I took pictures from my claymation movie and made them into this book because reading is fun.
If you want to buy the book and help save the ocean, you can get one on this website or maybe some day at a bookstore.

Book Review! THE ADVENTURES OF ALEX WALKER BOOK I: The Circus of Secrets
Author: Michael D. Mayo

On the run from a father who plans to murder him, young Alex and his mother stumble upon a small traveling circus in a Kansas field where he discovers he has the ability to communicate with animals. A near-fatal accident with his new friend, Ariel the acrobat, awakens his power to hear and speak to all animals.

The book is the first of a series about a young boy who discovers he has the power to understand all animals’ speech and that because of this, he is seen by them as “The One,” the legendary human who would end mankind’s cruelty against them. Join Alex and his teacher who is a dog named Elder, Max the Macaw and Sasha the Siamese as Alex and his mother together encounter heartwarming, action packed adventures.

The story is written with a balance of action and reflection, humor and seriousness and thoughtful emotions. Although the main characters are children, like the “Harry Potter” series, it will appeal to all ages. This is the first in a series of Alex Walker, a young boy, who can communicate with animals! You can find it as an eBook and as a trade paperback on and Barnes& It has already received 5 stars by its readership!

What's New - Read about How Kids Help Animals!

* New! 4th Grade Student Wins Awards Writing About Popcorn Park. Read More!
* Winner of National Pet Poetry Contest Uses Winnings to Help Animals at AHS/Popcorn Park! Read More.
Pinelands Students Hold 2nd Donation Drive for the Animals! Read More.
* Animal Loving Girls Organize Food Drive for Popcorn Park Animals. Read More.
Puzzles of Popcorn Park animals for you to enjoy! Read More.
* Jackson, NJ Young Lady Celebrates Birthday at the Animal Haven Farm. Read More.
* View "Ranger Dave’s" Cruelty Awareness Presentation Watch Video


Something New!
Elephants are very intelligent animals that live happily with their big families in the countries where they are born.  But did you know that the elephants you see in circuses are really very sad and lonely?  If you like to color and would like to learn more about circus elephants and how you can help them, we have a new coloring book just for you!  Read more ....


Have a Kind School Year - Learn Why Projects Involving Animals Cause Suffering
Classroom projects that show how a chicken embryo develops into a chick only end up with a tiny animal that has no home when he grows up -- and won't end up anywhere good.  Find out how to have kinder classroom projects.



Like to color?
In this section, you can print out the images, read about the animals and color them, too! We can even give you places on the web site to help you pick the right colors if you're not sure what the animal looks like. Go here!


Want to help our cats and dogs and the animals at Popcorn Park Zoo?
We have lots of ideas for how you can help! Some of these ideas you can do by yourself, others with your family or friends, your class at school, church group or your Brownie, Cub, Girl or Boy Scout Troop. Our animals are very grateful for your help.  Look here to see how you can make a difference!

A reminder to all New Jersey students – Acting Gov. Codey has signed a dissection choice bill into law. The law now provides that public school pupils may opt out of experiments involving animals. It will allow public school students to choose an alternative to dissecting, vivisecting, incubating, capturing or otherwise harming or destroying animals as part of their course of instruction. The law also requires schools to provide alternative education projects.

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